2012-12-06 01:44:14 by RepublicofVar

You heard me.


2012-11-06 19:58:09 by RepublicofVar

How long have I been gone?


2010-12-14 22:35:13 by RepublicofVar

Should I be happy or something?

"Quote of the Day"

2010-09-29 19:40:42 by RepublicofVar

"Wait, What?"
God I am so bored.


2010-09-11 01:19:51 by RepublicofVar

Wait, what?



2010-08-23 17:13:54 by RepublicofVar

End of summer. 'nuff said.

Wait, What?

2010-08-16 01:43:40 by RepublicofVar

I saw another post that had my thoughts. Why am I even on Newgrounds if I can't make an audio or flash?
Credit to ringclock for the realization. I feel so worthless now...

Stuff of the Week

2010-08-12 18:52:31 by RepublicofVar

The summer is almost over. Only a couple of weeks left before school starts again, along with crew. So I won't have any time to make new posts or even log on to Newgrounds! Oh, what a shame.

Stuff of the Week

2010-08-05 01:28:14 by RepublicofVar

I just looked at my stats and I have my first blam point. I wonder which one it is? Maybe I will check later. Also made anew banner. I think I might upload some art later. Just nuked Sydney. Today I had a tooth pulled and God does it hurt like Hell. AAAAARGH it is painful, even after three vicodin pills... aaaaagh.
To see my expeirience click here: Dental Appointment